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Personal Development Workshop

Get ready for an exciting Bible class called the Personal Development Workshop. In this class, we'll learn about what truly matters in life and how to feel good about ourselves.

Many people think that having lots of money and cool stuff is what makes them happy and important. But in this workshop, we'll discover that there's so much more to life than just the things we own.

Through fun talks and stories from the Bible, you'll learn:

- That God loves you no matter what, and that's what makes you special
- How to be a good person and grow in your faith
- To be happy with what you have and thankful for your blessings
- That true success comes from following God's plan for your life
- Easy ways to put God first in your daily life

Having money and nice things can be great, but this workshop will show you that real happiness comes from your friendship with God and living the way He wants you to. Come join us on this exciting journey as we learn and grow together!

Registration opening soon

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